Magical Schools/Groups:

  • Human Groups:
    • White Cloaks – Pacifists dedicated to healing and alleviating suffering in the world
    • Vinheim Dragon Academy – Academy of dragon mages. They use a smattering of dragon language in their spells. Some of them even learn how to arouse dragons from their deep slumber.
    • Mage’s Circle – The collection of orders sanctioned by the Church. They only exist accross the nations of the Empire.
    • Mage’s Guild – Collection of smaller spellcaster guilds which rules over a trading city by using an ancient artifact (which keeps track of mana use).
    • Archaelogical Academy – An Academy of mages who wish to rebuild the glory days of the fallen First Human Empire, especially their magical system.
    • The Grim Guard – Elite knights of the Church responsible for eliminating particularly dangerous rogue mages.

Martial Groups/Schools:

  • Weapon Masters – While not exactly a group, the Weapon Masters are known as the most skilled users of certain weapons. Each Weapon Master passes his full knowledge only to a single handpicked disciple before he dies.


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